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Review: Sex and The Musical at Treasury 1860

Walking into Treasury 1860 on a hot Adelaide night, a Cosmopolitan was just what I needed to cool me down. And the cosmos were indeed flowing, in this perfect venue for Sex and the Musical.

Taking our seats to the theme music that took me back, it’s hard to think that the show actually ended in 2004. But with 2 movies and reruns still going, this iconic and cult series still has a huge following.

We are taken back before the action starts, a prequel, when Carrie’s boss tells her she’s losing her edge, so she goes on the hunt for a posse of friends ‘sweet, smart, sassy and sexy’ to help her get her mojo to write her successful columns again.

Carrie’s opening song, The most interesting woman, is a hilarious send up introducing us to the main character, but also questioning how she affords her luxurious lifestyle on a columnists wage. A question we have all asked ourselves! Stefanie Rossi has the hair, the body, the look and the tutu to bring musical Carrie to life. Her comedic timing and fab voice fit the character perfectly.

Carrie’s standout gay best friend, Stanford is introduced and he is everything – his signature song Sincerely your gay best friend is so good, it gets a couple of reprises. Splendidly cast, Benjamin Maio Mackay does the original actor proud.

We are then introduced to Miranda Hobbs – the smart, strong lawyer with her song I hear she’s a bitch. Tough and uncompromising, with solid pipes to match, Bridie Faith Hall plays our favourite redhead well.

Possibly my favourite character of the night, Eloise QV brought Charlotte York to musical life, as she sang her little heart out with the cute, coy and funny Yes I do, while finding the perfect suitor to marry and give her children. William Richards [Allen Prince], the Trey-like chap, who pretended to be into Charlotte, while he was actually, ahem, into Samantha. Their duet, Perfectly Perfect was sweetly harmonised, and music to my ears.

A hilarious joke introducing ‘Mr Big’, where Carrie turns to the audience and says it takes 6 seasons to reveal his actual name, is the perfect prelude into Samantha’s introduction Confident Woman. With a ‘Feeling Good’ vibe, Sarah Jane Whitely gave us her best vixen, with big and brash vocals, staring down all the males in the audience!

I thoroughly enjoyed Classy sung by Mr Big to Allen; Warren Logan demonstrated his gorgeous tone and pitch, and I loved the duet between Charlotte and Samantha – they sounded absolutely sublime together. Shows just how good sweet and sassy sound.

This musical parody brought to us by the very talented team of Laura Wiley and Emma Knights [of ‘Buffy Kills Edward’ fame] and directed by Stephie Gonelli with choreography by Nina Richi, is a fun night out with the girls, showcasing original pop songs, upbeat choreography and some of Adelaide’s best talent.

Looking forward to seeing this show developed into something BIGger!


Happy theatre travels…

Lia <3


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