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June 13, 2024

Review: Swing on This at The Dunstan Playhouse

Swing On This, led by the dynamic quartet of Ben Mingay, Luke Kennedy, Bert La Bonte, and Matt Lee, is a cabaret extravaganza and a masterclass in entertainment, seamlessly blending nostalgia with contemporary flair.

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, where it debuted at this very Cabaret Festival, Swing on This transports audiences to a bygone era of elegance, charisma, and toe-tapping rhythm.

From the moment the gents mooched on stage, there was a pulsating energy, and the audience was whisked away on a journey through the timeless classics of swing music. Their ode to Adelaide set a comedic tone, and introduced each member to the audience, inviting us to relax and loosen up for the evening.

The show was tight, with wonderful banter and camaraderie between the men – a nod to the effort to that goes into making a show look casual, but is firmly rehearsed.

Musical director Craig Schneider’s expertise shone through in every note, orchestrating a symphony of sound that perfectly captures the spirit of the era. Backed by a stellar band and visually stunning stage design – it is a feast for the senses!

Mingay, Kennedy, La Bonte, and Lee dominate the stage with magnetic presence, each bringing their unique style and talent to the forefront.

Ben Mingay, with his rich baritone and commanding stage presence, channels the suave charm of Sinatra himself. His rendition of the classic ‘Kick in the Head’ was nothing short of captivating, evoking the golden age of crooners with effortless grace.

New member Bert LaBonte’s velvety vocals and charismatic stage persona add another layer of depth to the group. His turn singing ‘Let’s Get it On’ was infused with showmanship and silver-tongued swagger, enchanting the audience from start to finish.

Luke Kennedy brought humour to the proceedings, with his impeccable timing and infectious enthusiasm. His vocals in ‘Under My Skin’ were smooth and his performance eliciting smiles and applause in equal measure.

Matt Lee rounds out the quartet with his electrifying dance moves and boundless energy. His rendition of Mr Bojangles was nothing short of mesmerising. He really is the consummate triple threat entertainer.

Their medley of Australian classics including ‘New Sensation’ and ‘Take the Pressure Down’ in jazz style brought the house down!

Choreography by Kate Wormald injects an extra dose of excitement into the show, seamlessly blending with the music to create moments of pure spectacle.

Ensemble numbers ‘That’s Life’ and the finale ‘New York, New York’ showcase their incredible harmonies and comradeship true to founder Michael Falzon’s philosophy of ‘mates coming together and having a sing’

Swing On This is a must-see for fans of crooner classics and lovers of live entertainment alike. Mingay, Kennedy, La Bonte, and Lee deliver a performance that is as timeless as the music they celebrate, ensuring that audiences leave with a song in their hearts and a spring in their step.

5 [razor-sharp] stars


Lia Loves.


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