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Review: Two Crews at Space Theatre

I was lucky enough to gain a personal invitation by acclaimed director and choreographer, Nick Power to his third independent work, Two Crews.

And who else better to come and witness this hip hop battle work for the Adelaide Festival, than my own little B-Boy, my middle son.

Two Crews is the collision between France and Australia in the form of Parisian, all-women hip hop dance company, Lady Rocks, founded by choreographer and dancer Lea Cazauran. Representing Australia is Sydney based Riddim Nation, a collective who bring all styles of street dance fused with elements of their traditional culture into the ring.

We arrive to see the vast open space, ready for the crews to battle it out.

As they enter, they warm up in their respective corners, silently staring down their opponents.

The way the stage was set, felt like the audience was pitted against each other!

Clad in leopard print shirt with braids, Clairea is the first to take to the stage with a light-footed, almost lyrical popping and locking sequence, before the rest of her squad join her. Specialising in top rock, but with salsa and combat dance influences, the Lady Rocks are tough, sassy and with a ‘Jenny from the Block’ type attitude.

They come face to face, and up close and personal to Riddim Nation; slicing and dicing the air between them. The RN crew have an air of frivolity, joy and positivity, oozing urban, cool and casual vibes, looking like they’ve just stepped off the set of ‘In the Heights’ (I’m looking at you, Molonai!).

Their incredible battle sets blend Polynesian (a beautiful solo by Gabriela), African (Azzam, my son’s favourite) and Asian influences (Jamie showing us how it’s done!) into waacking, breaking and house/club dance.

Both crews were heavily influenced by the incredible electro hip hop soundscape, composed by Jack Prest, either working to the beat or synchopating between.

This powerful collaboration, between two crews, each with their own journey, and their own story is pure dance. Pure camaraderie. A fierce style and cheeky cyphers.

A project which highlights the magic of an aligning passion, no matter how geographically far apart. United by culture and creativity, they bleed funk and self-expression, leaving the audience wanting more.

And inspiring a new generation of B-Boys and B-Girls…


Happy theatre travels…

Lia <3

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