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August 11, 2015
Shopping for Father’s Day – tips and bargains!
September 2, 2015

Me – huz – kids – now back to me…

I just love wandering Harbour Town, looking for the next bargain, seeing what treasures I can find.

As I walked past Millers Fashion, something told me to stop and go in. Call it my bargain instinct.

Glad I did, because I found THE softest cargo pant EVER and a navy and white knit all for $31. I repeat, $31 the entire outfit. They have 40% off store wide – even the most reduced stuff. Prices start at a crazy $4….

The huz has specifically asked for work shirts, so I head into Gazman, where racks upon racks of stripe, patterned, plain business shirts are only $29. Done.

Now back to me.

Nine West have a super sale with 40% off even the sale price…so leather shoes starting at $30?

That is so my thing. Designer, cheap, awesome!

It’s been a while since I picked something up for the kids, and you can’t go wrong in Smiggle. It’s their go-to whenever we are at H-Town. I love their 3 for $10 tables…something for each of them. Brilliant.

My big boy has grown out of his soccer boots and I don’t fancy spending a small fortune when we are almost at the end of season (darn growth spurt!), but Fila have a whole bunch for $30. That I can do…then pass them down to son no. 2…

Do you err on the flamboyant side? Love leopard print? Bold personality? Then Sento Stefano is for you.

They have simple key pieces paired with wild prints to really make you stand out from the crowd. I found a beautiful cape at 25% off. Take a look, you never know what you might find.

Finally, I head to Sunglass Hut to pick up some uber stylish Prada sunnies for half price!!

Sunglasses are my obsession…I know, I know, I only have two eyes, but sunglasses are accessories, and accessories have to match your outfit. They HAVE to.

Until next time…


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