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July 30, 2015

Welcome to Lia Loves Outlet

Hi, my name is Lia. And I’m a shopaholic.

I love shopping. There, I said it. I. Love. Shopping. I love it, love it, love it!

I love the thrill of setting off in search of an item, let’s say a harem pant in a leather look (specific I know, but work with me here) and coming away with an entire outfit, said leather pants included, for the price I was willing to pay just for the pants.

Really, if you have a pulse and get excited by words like ‘SALE!’ and ‘40% off!’, and your significant other has looked at you suspiciously when you’ve stepped out in a new outfit (‘what this old thing?! I’ve had this for AGES!’) then no doubt, you love shopping too.

Welcome to my club.

And I’m not just talking clothes.

Oh no, my addiction does not discriminate.

My heart beats a little bit faster walking into a homewares store (don’t get me started on mid century modern). Handbags, oh my glob, handbags. I have more shoes than days in the year.

I’ve got every wrinkle perfecting, eye defining, smoothing serum, lash extending beauty product under the sun. And finding the perfect jar to finish off the lolly buffet at my kids birthday party will send me in a tizz.

But not anymore…

You see, at Harbour Town Adelaide, I can shop my little heart out. Without breaking my designer purse that I got on sale for 30% off.

Yep, with everything under one roof, I could park once and go hell for leather (see what I did there?!). Not only that, Harbour Town is home to some of the biggest brands at the best prices.

So, as Harbour Town Adelaide’s newest ambassador and shopping expert (yes, that is actually on my business card…squeal!), my job is to bring you the latest finds in fashion, food, homewares, beauty, gifts and entertainment. I will be sharing my discoveries and savings with you all as I go on my shopping adventures.

And with three spirited kids and an A type husband, there will be adventures a plenty!

Each month, I’ll be focussing my shopping story on a different category or theme, and by following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you can catch the super specials as they arrive.

If you’re looking to cure your addiction to shopping, turn away now! But I can promise you great style, fantastic savings and rediscovering all the best brand direct outlets Adelaide has to offer.

Meeting adjourned. For now.


Lia Loves
Lia Loves
Theatre. Dance. Culture. Events. Follow her adventures as Adelaide's premier theatre buff, arts contributor, educator and ambassador!

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