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What is Arcadia?

Utopia. Unspoiled. Uncorrupted.

Presented by local South Australian company, Cocktail Creative, off the back of their award winning sell out season of Playback from Adelaide Fringe 2021, Arcadia is an escape to a desert paradise celebrating idealistic social values of the wild and free.

A communal journey expressed through dance, aerial and music with a banging, psychedelic soundtrack.

Music from the 70s spanning multiple genres of pop, rock, indie and RnB will see you plunged into a world where the soul, spirit and heart can be truly free.

The Octagon at Gluttony is a great venue for this type of show, the cast of five dancers utilise the shape and space really well and have an obvious connection to each other.

Starting with a steam punk, Mad Max feel then moving into bohemian, trippy vibes, finishing with massive pops of colour and texture, the costumes, set and lighting were dramatic and vivid.

Vocalist Rachel Vidoni, who also happens to smash out a tune on the harmonica and a super sparkly guitar, had a huge task, rocking out nine tracks – ballads, rock and pop vocals – showcasing her oaky tones, huge chest voice and resonating power.

Dancer and singer, Dane Reis wasn’t at the level of Vidoni vocally, but boy did he make up for it in strength, personality and partner work.

My guest and I absolutely loved the partner and trio choreography – with daring lifts, unexpected choreography evolutions and fabulous motifs of movement.

Kudos to choreographer and dancer Maddison Lochert for her creative, engaging and multi-genre compositions. Her solo to ‘It’s about that Walk’ was quirky, comedic and full of personality!

The glamour, Posh Spice personality of the show belongs to Rachel Durski – a lithe, graceful and delicate looking dancer, she punches out movements like nobodies’ business, but with a sinewy feel.

Her performance on the aerial hoop was enchanting to watch, although some transitions between movements could be a little more continuous, but given this skill was learnt purely for the show, she did an incredible job!

Jake Walasek brought a theatrical, party vibe to the show, but showed his softer and more vulnerable side in his contemporary solo to ‘Ode to a Love Lost’.

The sexpot of the show was Bridget Hancock – with legs to her ears and incredible extensions, her Flashdance-esque routine to ‘Sweet Dreams’ had audience mouths agape!

I would’ve loved to see the performers solo’s earlier in the show – I felt these routines really introduced their characters well and by having them performed at the end, it took the whole show for me to connect to them. Just as I felt I knew them and was really invested in them, it was finale time.

The party finale medley had the crowd really going – bright, raucous, frivolous– everything you want in a Fringe cabaret show!

A really great night out, so go support a local, independent company and see Arcadia Bohemian Cabaret!


Lia Loves.


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