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Review: Neon at the Corona, Adelaide Fringe

The buzz and excitement of opening night at the Adelaide Fringe was palpable tonight. The Garden of Unearthly Delights was its usual vibrant, eclectic self, host to some of the best Fringe acts the world has to offer.

With a full house at the Corona, Circus Oz’s Neon delivered on all the promised trashy, glitzy, gaudy and tragic celebration of the 80’s.

Starting with John Farnham’s You’re the Voice blaring out of the sound system (which inspired an audience sing a long while taking our seats), followed by some Spandau Ballet Gold , we were taken on a glorious ride through a decade of music, bad dancing and some incredible feats of fancy.

From the opening number, we knew we were in for a treat of serious proportions.These guys and gals have talent. And of course they do. Circus Oz have been creating extraordinary shows for 40 years – touring successfully nationally and internationally.

Circus Oz celebrate breathtaking stunts, Aussie humour, and an all human ensemble. I especially adore their motto of promoting the best of the Australian spirit: generosity, diversity, death defying bravery and a fair go for all.

I loved the acrobalance/antipode scene, where one performer was literally being thrown around the air, flipped and spun during I need a Hero, using the feet of the supporting performer. Absolutely incredible!

Juggling god knows how many balls and hoops, a very funny and entertaining ‘magic’ act and some fabulous (and hilariously novel) work on the silks, the five performers never lost their sparkle.

Another standout scene was the hand to hand acrobatics, whereby the performer showed off his incredible strength and agility to the sounds of Phil Collins In the Air Tonight. He even performed the famous drum solo…with his feet!!

But the standout for me was the MC Geraldine. Her arrangement and performance of David Bowie’s Let’s Dance was mesmerising, heart wrenching and utterly perfect. And her tongue in cheek takedown of a patron on her iPhone during this rendition was slapstick cabaret to a tee.
If you are looking for an engaging, comical, audacious and unforgettable night out, Neon is where it’s at! A feast for the eyes and the ears! Don’t miss it!


Happy theatre travels…

Lia <3


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