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Review: Shore Break at Goodwood Theatre

Shore Break brings to life research drawn on by writer and performer Chris Pitman with those who find themselves isolated and living solitary existences in remote locations; those living on the fringe of society, in areas such as campgrounds and regional areas along the coast.

Pitman used the conversations and experiences of these people to construct an exceptional one-hander, beautifully directed by Chelsea Griffith and presented by and Brink Productions.

Ushered into the theatre, the audience were seated upstage, intimately face to face with the actor with an unpretentious black backdrop where the auditorium would be.

A minimal set including a sisal rug depicting the desert dunes with Pitman already present. His un-named character opens with a poem – one he explains that he was forced to learn by his old schoolteacher and can’t ever forget.

Verbose and descriptive as he illustrates the many characters of his story; his chain-smoking mother, ocean loving alcoholic father, gang leader school friend, his sincere English teacher and ‘live in the present’ girlfriend – we are engrossed and plunged into the story of his detached childhood, bullied teen years and lonely adulthood.

Pitman’s incredible nuances and authentic mannerisms, along with his knowing observe and convincing carnality established a complex story about a simple life.

His descriptive and magnificent writing allowed the audience to visualise every detail of every character he was shaping.

Verbose monologues that were at times equally elevated, and Australian in vernacular were deeply affecting, real and authentic.

He had us all by both the jugular and heart strings.

Every word was spoken with utter intent, significance, and purpose – not one word wasted. All had weight and worth.

Pitman’s writing is evocative, perceptive, and profound drawing the audience into his character’s illiterate world and making them feel the full weight of his anguish and heartbreak.

Shore Break is a beautifully crafted, poignant and a thought-provoking piece of theatre that showcases Pitman’s storytelling power.

I implore you, do not miss it.


Lia Loves.


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